Creative Team

  • Emma Marie Davis

    Creator / Writer / Director
  • Squisher and Squasher is the culmination of years of baby sitting, day trips and birthdays for any number of her 21+ nephews and nieces. Emma is one of twelve children born to her parents, Pat and John, and coming from such a large family she has had to answer more than her fair share of questions about the world according to kids. One of the reasons she can’t stop volunteering to play with them is because of the way that children find unique and funny perspectives to see the world from.

    The shows give Emma a chance to bring many of  the moments of wonder and excitement she has shared with her family in to a colourful and playful story. Adding singing, dance and music only makes it more fun, although writing the songs and music does take some effort. Luckily Emma is able to draw upon her experiences at the University of Western Australia’s School of Music and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts for guidance. Her qualifications as a educator from Edith Cowan University also ensure that the Squisher and Squasher shows are about educating while having as much fun as possible.

    Emma has also undertaken training in dance from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (London). As a qualified teacher of dance Emma knows the importance of safe movement and the joy that dancing has for people of all ages. The Squisher and Squasher shows allow children to express themselves through dance in a safe and happy environment, while incorporating safe teaching methods that encourage children to explore the way their bodies move.

    Emma is also a performer in her own right, having performed in numerous productions including; opera, musicals, plays, television, film, short films, television commercials, children’s theatre and photographic advertisements. More information about Emma Marie Davis can be found at: or

  • Ben Davis

    Producer / Technical Manager / Lighting Designer
  • Ben entered the theatre game as a way of spending time with his incredibly busy wife, Emma. With Emma constantly at rehearsals for one production or another, Ben volunteered his time originally as a tea lady with Roleystone Theatre. From there he learned how to hang lights, operate a sound board, work backstage, and operate a lighting board. He learned the basics of how everything worked in the theatre and found that he liked it!

    Over time, Ben has developed quite the skillset and has been in constant demand in the Perth theatre scene. He has worked in major venues such as the Perth Concert Hall, Crown Theatre and the State Theatre of Western Australia. His roles have been varied but his main love has been lighting design.

    As a lighting designer, Ben has been developing his taste for controlling the light at the end of the tunnel in the Perth amateur theatre community for a few years now. He was lighting designer for Oleanna at KADS, Avenue Q at Roleystone Theatre and The Vagina Monologues at Old Mill Theatre. He has also worked as a lighting operator for multiple productions throughout the Perth metropolitan area including venues such as the Perth Concert Hall.

    Ben is far too involved with theatre these days, with a solid understanding of the phrase “I can’t, I’ve got rehearsals!”. Between working backstage and serving on various theatre commitees it is a wonder he has had time to be invovled in the wonderful world of Squisher and Squasher.

    Squisher and Squasher has allowed Ben to work, finally, with Emma on the same production. His many talents in the “dark arts” have been crucial to not only the success of the show but also the wonderful enjoyment the cast and crew have working on this show.

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