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    Here at Squisher and Squasher we love having our audiences get to know us a bit better because then we can get to know you better too! It makes everything so much nicer and happier when we are all working together!

    Use the tabs located underneath the “About” button to learn more about us. Not sure what you would like to know? Keep reading for some ideas!

  • What would you like to know?

    Perhaps you would like to know about our upcoming shows? That’s easy! Just click here to be taken to the Current Calendar which outlines all our upcoming show dates and details.

    Maybe you would like to get to know the team that helps to put together every Squisher and Squasher show. A lot of work goes into writing and producing every show. Just go to the Creatives Page to read more about these awesome guys and girls!

    Don’t forget! Here at Squisher and Squasher we love to give back to the community through our community giving program. Visit the Community Giving Page for more details of our work.

    If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in our frequently asked questions page, you can always drop us a line by filling in our contact form.

    See you in the garden soon!

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