Craft Activity Centres

  • We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our very own craft activity centres! The craft activity centres come fully equipped with everything you need to create amazing pieces of art and craft. Not only do we provide all the tables and chairs needed so that everyone can join in, we also supply all the craft items necessary to complete a wonderful art and craft activity.

    At present we have the following craft activities available with many more to be available soon! To book a craft activity please contact us via the contact form and we will provide you with a quote for your activity and the availability.

  • Flowering Flowers

    Have you ever wanted to make your own flower that you could keep forever? Now you can with the flowering flower craft activity. A fun little activity where children can craft a flower out of tissue paper.

    Recommended age: 4+

    Recommended time: 15mins

    Beautiful Butterflies

    This is a painting activity suitable for all ages. Children can create and take home their own butterfly. Depending on age level the butterfly craft can be extended to make a moving butterfly.

    Recommended age: all ages

    Recommended time: 10-30mins

  • Caterpillar Craft

    Caterpillar craft allows you to make your very own take home caterpillar! This is a painting workshop that involves painting a caterpillar body, attaching eyes and antennas, and decorating your caterpillar.

    Recommended age: 2+

    Recommended time: 15mins

    Bumblebee Bash

    Bumblebee Bash is a fun hands on activity where you can take home your very own bumblebee! This is a paper mâché activity that also involves painting and decorating a bee body.

    Recommended for ages: 5+

    Recommended time: 45mins

  • I Love Bugs!

    A super fun activity for every bug lover! Children choose a pre-printed t-shirt to paint and decorate. Once finished they can declare their love for bugs and proudly wear a creation they made themselves!

    Recommended age: 3+

    Recommended time: 30mins

    Grassy Heads

    A messy activity that involves making your own take home grassy head. You will fill the head with grass seeds and soil, decorate the face, and you get to take it home and watch it grow!

    Recommended age: 5+

    Recommended time: 30mins

  • The girls loved painting caterpillars with Squisher and Squasher this morning. They were even more excited when they got to take them home with them. Thank you for a wonderful time!

    — Julie, mother of two
  • The activity centre comes equipped with:

    • 24 child size chairs
    • 6 tables
    • 30 craft aprons

    • all craft supplies for selected activity
    • two craft assistants to run the activity
    • cleaning supplies
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